Build-A-Bot Workshop - 1 July

Hello everyone!

Get ready for the first ever Entelect Challenge Build-A-Bot Workshop on 1 July 2023!

The aim of this workshop is to lower the barrier of entry into the annual main Entelect Challenge and provide an opportunity to learn and grow. During the workshop, the Entelect Challenge team will take the attendees through a hands-on journey on creating a starter bot. There will be opportunity to ask questions directly to the developers of the Entelect Challenge.

It is important to note that this event is open to everybody - students, enthusiasts, engineers, employees. You are welcome to join the event even if you are already participating in the Main Challenge - maybe you pick up a tip or two!

This will be a hybrid event - which means we will be opening our Entelect Cape Town and Johannesburg offices to the public as well as streaming online - however we would love to see you all in person! Snacks, drinks and pizza will be provided at the office locations - alongside free wifi and electricity (#loadshedding).

Please register for the event using our Typeform
Registration will also still be available on the day.

We look forward to the event and hope to see you all there! Please reach out if you have any further questions.


If the tournament was on the 24th isn’t this too late? And will the workshop go over machine learning or just how to get the starter bot up and running?

Hi @Fengol :slight_smile:

Nope, it is not too late for the workshop. The main aim of the workshop is to help lower the barrier of entry into the Main Entelect Challenge. And although Tournament 1 has passed, there is still Tournament 2 coming up later in the year - alongside the remaining 4 finalist spots.

On the day, we we are not going to implement machine learning, but rather discuss it at a high level while going through the process of how the starter bot was built.

Hopefully, this process will provide you with the knowledge and thinking required to improve or build your own bot :smiley:

Hi @lijani_vwdv Once we complete the Typeform, can we expect a meeting invite in the email address that we specify? I have registered twice and have not received any details around joining the Zoom call. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Hey @kr0,

Yes, you will probably receive two emails on Thursday then :rofl::rofl:

The email will contain all the details of the event including the Zoom link

See you on Saturday!



Are there links for the slideshows and the recordings of the Workshop that was held today ?

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Hey @Chernal :slight_smile:
Yes, the slides and recordings will be posted sometime soon.

As promised, here you are

Workshop recording