Building on the server


I’m trying to get my bot building on the server. How can I find out why the build failed? The logs only state that “INFO:BotCompilers:Found makefile
INFO:BotCompilers:Executing compiler command : make
INFO:BotCompilers:Done Executing compiler command
INFO:BotCompilers:Compilation Exited with Code 2”.

+1 for this, would really help the c++ guys!

Hi guys,

From what I could see in the std-out it looks like there is multiple declarations for ‘main’. But I will look at including the std-out and std-err into the build logs that you can download tonight. This change however will only affect builds that is started after I deployed tonight, so you will have to upload again.


Thanks. That helped me solve the compile issue. The logs will still help if another issue pops up.

The download should now get you the binaries zip. Please let us know if there are any other issues.

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