Buildings - What does the data mean exactly

Looking at information its not immediately clear what the below does:

Assuming I build a farmers guild:
What does StatusEffectMultiplier as well as ScoreMultiplier mean.

And do these effect stack globally or only in their own range.
I am building now and should observe. But at the moment Im just building on optimum lots and assuming that buildings only buff their own range. But have no idea really what buildings are doing.

**Though Im pretty happy just building in optimum locations.
I will look at the game engine tomorrow to see how things behaves.

“BuildingType”: “FarmersGuild”, // Increase the amount of food collected on farms
“StatusEffectMultiplier”: “3”,
“TerritorySquare”: “2”,
“ScoreMultiplier”: “4”,
“BuildTime”: “3”,
“Cost”: {
“Wood”: “65”,
“Stone”: “65”,
“Gold”: “30”

I have deduced that Status Effect applies to ALL nodes in your own territory and it seems that they do stack.

I just added the Farm building to my own visualiser, will post an update reasonably soon.
Just testing to see if all buildings and farms works as expected.

Im also uncertain what the effect of the status Effect Multiplier is on the actual farming rates.

For now Im just tweaking a single farm…
Measuring its impact to my own gamestate.

Read the Engine, used the formulas to determine the Building Behaviours.

Still testing. but 90% sure I have things down now.
My only suggestion for balance for the third event is to

Suggest: Increase the amount of points per buildings Now having a building allows you to earn more points naturally.
But towards the end a building can easily cost 1000 Gold (Just theory).
And I feel spending that amount of resources for 6 points is just sad…

I do not want to say score on territory itself. because one player might have a smaller territory with more buildings, and i feel that should be better than a large territory with no buildings.

Though I cant remove the building bonus from endgame gamestate.

Team could also consider Storage enhancers…
(Raises game limits). (Resources or Population)
Maybe even something that increases our population growth rate. Which should cap out easily now with the building additions.

Then we would need to carefully balance whether we want faster harvesting or better storage.

Part of me is a bit concerned that its too easy now to reach perfect endgame.
But thats a theoretical thought. Im only looking at all numbers. And from what I get from the game engine formulas.

I will follow up on this again after the second event,
Will in an hour or two publish my updated Game visualiser that has building and territory support for anyone interested.

I finished the visualiser yesterday, but theres a bug in my own building tactic so I have not built a lumbermill or Quarry yet.