C++ Bots

I would like to write my bot in C++ but found that there is currently no way to specify a c++ bot in the config file. How do you currently run a C++ bot if at all?

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Have you tried to specify it as C#? Since that is also an EXE, I would expect it to work.

The c# bot is a DLL.

Plus i’m sure the program compiling the bots should have support on the server too.

Hi all,

Currently we don’t support c++. However, a starter bot for c++ has been submitted, and we are working on supporting it in a future release.

@Faraday if you would like to run your bot it in the mean time, you could check out the game-runner source code and add a CPPRunner (and maybe even create a pull request :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Sorry, I forgot this is Core, rather than a traditional console application.

Thanks will check it out

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