C++ starter bot 2020

Hey guys,

Just submitted a pull request for a c++ starter bot…but looks like the engine already supports c++?
Just tried submitting one and sure enough, it succeeded.

Just an FYI to the c++ coders out there

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If it means anything, Could you maybe look at loading a C++ starter

I noticed that there’s a .netframework bot as well which could be used to implement some c++,

My Girldriend wants to attempt an entry in c++ . So will be watching this thread.

I figured event 1 is her best chance, and the current stage is not too complex,
Also interested in some info here. Asking for a friend :smiley:

My thing is just, I don’t really do C++. So cannot be of much help here.

Hi @japes

If the engine already supports it, it is because we are reusing the infrastructure from last year… Starter bots for already supported languages are still welcome :slight_smile: