Campfire limit

What is the top limit for fire?
I tried a bot where I used my wood for my first move with the provided wood and my action started as campfire however my heat didn’t increase at all, it just stayed at 50 and didn’t even use the wood.

Good afternoon @styphoiz

Currently there is no limit for fire. Are you sure that the start Campfire Action executed? Usually there is a few tick delay “workTime” between actions.

I dont see it in pending actions by the bot and this the only move that bot executed, how can I check this?

I also noticed that available units just decreased aince that tick and didnt return

Did you account for the full dynamics of Fire?

For example:
1 unit burns 3 wood to make 5 heat.

So if you say you used your first move to make heat, then as long as you didnt send more units than you own it should be good.

I had a bug in my own bot where I didnt adjust my available units after building.

That threw my numbers off so much because if you have 1000 available units, build something
And then try and do an action with 1000 units but you only have 999 then your whole action will fail.

You will not just send 999 units.
At least this was what seemed to be my issue because my bot changed a lot by simply adding that negative to population.

I suspect this could be where your issue is.
Remember 1 unit = 3 wood.

So for campfire you select how many units and not how many wood.
There could be a bug. But I have not run into it yet.

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I found the issue, I missed sending it to the engine.

Been trying to send more than my available units as well in my bot which is causing an issue as well :crossed_fingers: hoping to resolve this today.

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