Cannot submit passive bot

My intern’s bots fail Match Status with the message: “Bot did nothing too many consecutive rounds”.

Their bots only react to being attacked and the Match Status test plays the bot against itself so nothing seems to happens. However it does build energy buildings in the beginning of the match so it’s not doing nothing for the whole match.

Please can you update the Match Status test so that their bots can be entered into the competition?

P.S. I realize an easy fix would be to make their bots pro-active but I don’t want to dictate their strategy.

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Hi @Fengol,

So at the moment we are assuming that if a bot does nothing, that something is wrong with the bot, but that said, we did not take passive strategies into account.

We’ll have a look tomorrow to change this to only happen if the bot times out rather than chooses to do nothing and let you know ASAP so that he can resubmit the bot.

As a side note, your intern might want to somewhat change his strategy when his fights against another passive bot, as this might very likely end in a tie during the tournament. Just a thought :wink:.

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I would suggest if nothing happened by say round 50 that they add some form of aggression (What if the opponent does nothing but build energy for some reason, and you wait for them to attack, but they never do. )

I would think a contingency plan might be worth considering. Just my opinion though…


We updated the rules to allow for passive strategies now, can you ask your intern to upload his bot again before tomorrow midnight :slight_smile:

If he still has any issues please let us know.

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