Can't see enemy's weapons?

Hi team.
Not sure if it’s deliberate but it seems the json file does not have the enemy’s weapons in it. Presumably this isn’t an issue as at this point all worms have the same weapons but if at some point in the future the weapons change then it’d be valuable to see which weapons each enemy worm has. Either way it’ll make parsing marginally simpler.

Hi @ryan27968

Yes, we provide different state files to each player, so that you can see your own weapons but not those of your opponent (and your opponent’s state file is the same from their perspective). If you have a look in the game-engine source code you can see how this fits together.

The lack of information about what weapon your opponent has, applies to your player as well…the opponent doesn’t know this information about you either, you can use it to your advantage :wink:

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Will we able to make any assumptions about the hidden information?
For example, if all of my own worms have weapons X,Y and, Z respectively, is it safe to assume
that the opponent’s worms have the same weapons?
i.e. Will we know which weapons they can have, but not which ones they do have? The alternative being that the opponent could have a completely different set of weapons at their disposal.

Hi @mo_x90_oly,

You can assume that your opponent’s worms will have the same weapons/upgrades from the start as you would, however, the order might be different.