Clan Wars!

Hi Everyone,

Clans have finally arrived. Head on over to the player portal and create your very own clan or join one of the existing ones.

Once you are part of a clan your clan owner can enter you into the training matches that happen every Monday and Wednesday morning. If your clan has to be entered then two random clan members will face each other in a head on battle to see who will be ultimate victor.

Your clan owner can also enter the clan into the Battle Arena where he/she will then be able to choose another clan to challenge on Friday morning. Same as the training matches to random members from each clan will be chosen to face each other in a head on battle and the winning clan will be rewarded with the bragging rights of beating the other one.

For all clan matches the replay files will be available to the contestants that were part of the match. The replay files will only be game state files, we are unable to provide bot log files for security reasons.

The clans feature is also very new so expect some bugs fixes and changes in the next few weeks (for instance improvement to the random player selection), and suggestions are welcome. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Enjoy! And may the best clan win!

I’ve created a Cape Town Clan for all the Mother City privateers.