Combine round logs into 1 match log

Can a kind C# soul please create a Pull Request on Github to have the GameEngine combine all our round logs into 1 match log at the end? I’m not too sharp at C#.
As it stands, I have to navigate through tons of folders to see what my bot’s been up to throughout the match.

This was one of the things that I wanted to include in my visualizer - a button that shows log files (and they can be aggregated as well). If someone wants to create a pull request to add it there, feel free.

Whaaaat! This is amazing dude. You got some skills man. I love it, but I can’t convert it into C# for an official Game Engine pull request. So I will use it locally, and thank you daily :slight_smile:

You can use PowerShell to do something like this fairly easily. Start PowerShell then navigate to the root directory of the replay using something like:
cd “\entelect2017\Game Engine - Version 1.0.1\Version 1.0.1\Game Engine\Replays\2017-05-24 18-00-48-722”

Then to get all your logs into a single file if you were player B:
Get-Content *\B\log.txt > mylogs.txt

(Note, I have limited knowledge of PowerShell, so had to Google how to do this, since I am more used to doing these kinds of commands on Linux.)

Schweet this is so amazing! Thanks @gustav, I’ll be using this ALOT, not just here for the Entelect Challenge.

EDIT: I’ll be using this ALOT for the Entelect Challenge

Haha mvariyawa,

Sorry but I just have to share this:


Haha, that makes sense now. I was wondering why Chrome always puts a red squiggly under my alot