Command cancellation

Say we send our 2 units to go farm a node. Will that node be completely emptied before those nodes will return to the base? Or is there a way we can stop those units and send them back to the base?

Hi, As I understand the units will perform one harvest, so once they returned the reward back to base they are available for a new command.

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Thank you @Kortgat , that does makes some sense. I might need to change something on my bot code then xD

Hi @AtomicNomad sorry for the delay in response.

@Kortgat is correct, to add on to what he is saying. The unit has a certain amount of resources that they can carry back to base. This does not necessarily mean that they will empty the node of it’s resources in one trip.

But as @Kortgat says player command are atomic and cannot be stopped half way.

Hope that helps :blush:

Hi @Jenique , thank you for the response. I have applied the correct logic to my bot then.
As to the amount of resources a unit can carry, what is that amount? Maybe I have missed that in the docs.

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@AtomicNomad The amount that each unit can carry is dependent on the actual node that they are targeting. When each node is created. The “reward”(what each unit can carry) is set at a random number within the reward range for that resource. This can be found in the appsettings file for each resource:

"Stone": { 
    "RewardRange": [

** In the case for campfire the reward will always be 5

When the node is harvested the calculation is as follows
action.NumberOfUnits = 3
node.Reward = 4
4 * 3 = 12

ResourceType.Stone => action.NumberOfUnits * node.Reward,

All of our calculations can be found in the CalculationService class in the game engine if you would like to dig around for yourself

Apologies for the late update of the readme. We are working on more detailed documentation now. We will have an update for you tomorrow :blush: