Completely in disarray

Hey guys,

I hope am not too late, my bot was able to read the State file provided but am confused as how the next rounds are read if they stored in different folders ? Do I read each folder of the players or I read jsonmap in my player folder and the globalState file? Also how are moves stored in the globalState file? Do I write the moves to the file? Also how are the maps generated is the a function built into the starter pack that generateds maps? Am able to visualize a globalState round but do I iterate through the all the folders containing a globalState file? Am using .net yet am unable to figure out how play the 2 bots on a single map.

I hope so many questions about the reading ,map generating and outputting files aren’t an inconvience

Hi @Nexuses, have a look at the dotnet starter bot here: - it will probably answer most of your questions

Let me check the link