Completion of game

the rules state 'The first car to reach the end of the track, defined by blocks containing a FINISH_LINE object is the winning car and thus the winning bot." If both cars reach the finish line in the same round, is there a rule as to which car is first?

Why did B win in this example

Hi @thinus

This does seem odd, since player B even has less score. We are investigating this in more detail and will get back when we have more info on what is happening here

According to the rules (in the endgame section), if both bots cross the finish line in the same round, the bot with the highest speed wins. I suspect that bot A ran out of boost in the round above (boost counter = 1), and as a result, bot B won the race because it was still at boost speed.


I just want yo confirm what rfnel said:

Player A has a boostcounter of 1,
That means they should have lost because their boost timer expired as they entered that round causing Player A to essentially have a speed of 9 there.

You will generally see when a boost counter hits 1 the movement speed is also 9 for the next round.

So that is probably what hapopened and completely normal.


Hello everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have confirmed that @rfnel and @WillieTheron observations are correct and that players 1s boost ran out and thus they had a lower speed than player 2 which is why player 2 won.

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