Could we expose energy per turn to the bots?

Good evening folks.

In the rules doc, it says

{START_ENERGY} and {ENERGY_PER_TURN} will be variable.

ENERGY_PER_TURN in this context is the amount of energy a bot will receive each turn before taking its energy towers into account.

I’m fine with ENERGY_PER_TURN being different from match to match, but I don’t see any way for my bot to know what that amount is short of tracking its energy from one round to the next and figuring it out.

Could we maybe expose ENERGY_PER_TURN in the state.json file, perhaps next to the map width and height?



Yes, please - this would be quite handy ^^,

Excellent idea! :grinning:

You can follow the progress here:

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Thank you :smile: :smile: :smile:

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