Current execution speed on portal

Hi, would it be a safe to assume that the available processing power that we currently get on the portal is comparable with what we’ll have in the tournament? I’m trying to determine if my bot will be fine in terms of timeouts


No, I do not think so. Will be good if Entelect can publish the server configuration and how the resources will be allocated. In your game against the reference bot (when you upload your code), the reference bot does very little processing. This might free up some CPU power for your code.

From the 2019 challenge:
(Read the full thread here: Hardware)

" Hi Everyone,

Just want to help clarify things a bit. We will be ensuring that you have dedicated access to 1.5 vCPU’s boosting up to a max 2 vCPU’s provided the resourcces are available. What this means is that if two bots are consuming all of their resources to the max then they will be contesting over 1 shared CPU. In this scenario each bot will be allowed exactly half the processing time on the shared CPU.

If there is a scenario where bot A for instance is not using all of the resources available then bot B can access the full quota of both vCPU’s giving bot B an advantage in terms of processing power.

We decided to do this to encourage contestants to make use of multithreading in their bots. You will be putting your opponent in an advantageous position if you do not use the shared resources allocated to your bot and this is by design, we are looking for the best of the best after all :wink:."


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