CurrentRegenTick always zero


It seems like the CurrentRegenTick field of nodes is always zero when provided to my c# bot. Strange, because I’ve checked the values on the game engine side and they seem correct all the way up to the signalR send.

Anyone else noticed this?

Good morning Japes,

Can you please DM me your user details that the team can have a look at your submission logs for this.

Hi @Jako,

I just discovered this while working on my bot this weekend, for the tournament what I submitted was basically the c# starter bot :grimacing:

Do you have the latest version of the game engine? The team made some big changes a week before the tournament.

Yup this is on engine version 2022.1.5 (entelect repo SHA b5a7edb9e4c87e).
Can you reproduce on your side? Or am I going crazy?

Apologies, this was confusion on my end, I’ve figured it out!

The engine doesn’t provide CurrentRegenTick at all, and never did.

I had forgotten that I’d added the field to my bot’s version of the DTO :sweat: