Death by lava banana

Please confirm if this is correct behavior:

I noticed that if a worm is killed by lava and hit by a banana in the same round, the worm additionally takes banana damage. Is this flogging a dead worm?

This is because dead worms are only removed after commands are executed, so technically, the dead worm is still on the map and in reach of bananas.

It is late in the day for changes, so I am ok if this is the way it is, just want to be sure its not a bug on my side

Hi @sentient

This is dictated by line 18 here

The round processor class handles each round, specifically the map setup before and after commands are executed. Here the lava effects are processed at the very start of the round, before commands are executed. This way a worm can be knocked out by lava, and also still complete their command for that round…unfortunately the opponent can also shoot/banana them and get the kill score. This makes lava really bad for any worm standing in it.

So, no it is not a bug, and will stay this way through the last tournament (unless we find a critical issue in this regarding the competition fairness).

Thanks for bringing this up, it is really great to see the community picking up the Sherlock hats and finding these odd situations :smile:

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It is fine, because the worm also gets his dying wish granted :wink: That part had escaped me.