Default bot timeout


Thanks for bringing some excitement to quarantine :slight_smile:

For the reference bot I got the following message during match validation: “Consecutive timeouts on rounds 2 and 3”. Looking at the logs I see the following:
Command: TURN_LEFT
Execution time: 1000ms
Exception: null
This might be similar to an issue I found last year.

For the python reference bot I made a pull request to change
self.command = Commands.ACCELERATE
self.command = Commands.ACCELERATE.value

Hi @Leon

Thanks for this report and for submitting a pull request for it :slight_smile:

The team will look at it later today.

With the following python bot:

if name == ‘main’:
while True:
round_number = int(input())

I still get timeout errors.

Check if match is valid
Player: 3e7085e2-bee4-404c-9e24-a604b01b0129 (B - floor) -> Consecutive timeouts on rounds 1 and 2

I’m using v1.4 of the starter pack. I don’t see any reason why that bot should ever timeout.