Do we have video Footage of 2019

Hey guys,

Was wondering if there are any video footage of last year, Obviously it was major for me and it could be good to look back on it a bit more.

Just wondering, Nothing too major.

Hi Willie. The event last year was really awesome. I am also interested in some video footage – was wonderful to sit on the Main Stage at Comic Con and compete with some very talented developers. Hope to be there again this year!!!

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Hi @WillieTheron

We have actually just released that today, have a look! :grin:


Don’t we have a vid with full games?


Hi, I will try and find something in our archives!

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I would also love this. Circumstances meant my partner could not attend, so would loove to be able to share that experience. I obviously did not expect my results, otherwise I would have made some more plans,

My 2019 was far worse than 2020 (even considering all). I really needed the challenge, of all the years to win last year really was one I needed.

Anyways, hope you come right, would really be super awesome for my own “memory reel”. know things are chaos now.