Download of Python - Tensorflow CICD results in error

Selecting Python - Tensorflow in the download option for CICD results in the following error:

“headers”: {
“normalizedNames”: {},
“lazyUpdate”: null
“status”: 500,
“statusText”: “OK”,
“url”: “”,
“ok”: false,
“name”: “HttpErrorResponse”,
“message”: “Http failure response for 500 OK”,
“error”: “{“message”:“Internal Server Error”}”

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Hi Danie, welcome to Entelect challenge.

Thank you for for raising this issue, we are looking into this and will provide feedback as soon as possible.

Hi @daniekruger.

Thank you for raising this issue. You can now go to the Download CICD / Getting Started page and download the Python - Tensorflow again.

To enable the Tensorflow feature. You will need to edit the Dockerfile in your Python Starter bot:

  • Comment out FROM
  • Uncomment FROM

That will ensure that you use the Python Tensorflow base image instead of the normal Python image.

Please don’t hesitate to ask further questions.