Drop oil when opponent directly behind

Hi all,

I have seen the following scenario occur and would just like to get some clarity on whether it is expected behaviour or not. In round 10 below Player 1 uses the USE_OIL command. However Player 2 does not hit the oil since it is directly under him at the start of his turn.

player: id:1 position: y:2 x:78 speed:9 state:USED_OIL boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:2
opponent: id:2 position: y:2 x:77 speed:8



Completed round: 10

Starting round: 11

player: id:1 position: y:2 x:87 speed:8 state:HIT_MUD boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:1
opponent: id:2 position: y:2 x:86 speed:8



Completed round: 11

This sounds like a consequence of the bug fix for being penalized twice when landing on mud/oil…

Sounds like they fixed the bug twice - first by moving the oil drop behind the player, then second (properly) by not counting the starting square. Now that the starting square isn’t counted, the oil can be dropped under the player again without any problems.

So fix one needs to be reverted, you reckon @Malman ?

Following the fix to not count the starting square, reverting back to dropping the oil directly under the player would also make the most sense to me.

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I think the logic of the harass is good,

But I do feel in the event a oil spill is thrown on a player that player should immediately get impacted by it,
Not in terms of the field, but the actual oil-spill hitting the player’s car.

If there’s ever weapons in the future. This could hook into those classes and be treated like a β€œbomb”

Not saying there will be, just mentioning.

If we example change the penalties to trigger on first tile only and not last tile, I also feel you get undesired outputs. I would like the tile under me to be resolved going into a round (unless theres been changes to it this turn)

Just my thoughts.

**Or what Malman said…

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Hi everyone, sorry for the long silence. We will be deploying a new release sometime this week that fixes the oil drop mechanic (and maybe something else):

  • drop underneath player like before
  • player is not affected by their own oil drop