Early Bird Showdown - Good Fun!

Thank you, Entelect, for hosting this competition.
It is my first time working with AI and it was good fun learning about it with this competition. Congratulations to the all people who created better bots than mine! I will be back with something better!!!

It was sad to see a couple of bots not performing (e.g. always timed-out or sent invalid commands each round). Hope you guys can sort it out.

For me today was not a very productive day at the office, as I was following the Leaderboard and checking the Game Logs all the time. :slight_smile:


Mine was just timing out :frowning:, It was working locally but when I uploaded it, it just broke. Debugging will be a pain.

My bot is weak though, so not going to make any difference anyway. I’ll hope to get it fixed, and strong for the next round

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Great round! A lot of work and bug fixes for my bot but happy with how things progressed. Well done to those who did well.

This is also my first time taking part and has been great fun so far. Looking forward to the next round :slight_smile:


Once this bug bites it bites, at least for me. For now this is the only place I ever write AI, Used it to learn in 2015, Each year improving my own style of AI.

I find it extremely fun. All I am saying is, you just get better from here…

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