Edge case locks up engine

I’ve found an edge case that cases the engine to lock up:

make a bot that traces the edge of the map. It claims the entire world as its own :slight_smile:

I guess that is the expected behaviour, but perhaps there should be some measures against it. Seems like an easy way to get a cheap win.

But more importantly, it locks up the whole game, so it will never be resolved.

Hi @japes, this is expected behaviour. If one bot captures 100% of the game world it’s game over and the bot wins. There are only two end game conditions:

  1. Game tick counter runs out
  2. One bot captures 100% of the territory

Is it an easy way to get a cheap win? I don’t know hey. Your bot is vulnerable to getting pruned for the entire time that it’s running around the perimeter of the game world. You really wanna risk that? :grin:


OK thanks for that, understood!

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