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I have a question. Me and my colleague are from Europe and we would like to participate in this competition. Is that possible or is this competition reserved only for South Africa?

We have successfully competed at MIT BattleCode 2020.

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Hey @Wackymax :slight_smile: . I saw that you are one of the admins of this forum and I just wanted to be sure that my question was seen.

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Hi @MikeRhymesWithBike

Unfortunately the Entelect Challenge is only open and eligible to people living in South Africa due to tax and exchange control purposes. You won’t be able to register for the tournaments unless you have South African ID number to fill in.

That being said, you are welcome to join the challenge and compete with friends and even hold a little tournament yourself if you are up for it :wink:

You might find some helpful articles here: https://culture.entelect.co.za/incubators/