Engine Bug - Entering Enemy territory

I ran into the following scenario earlier today while debugging:

visualiser bug

My 4th bot, hit the 3rd bots home base,
And turned their territory into my own, Completing my land capture.

This was not a Visual bug, as my own visualiser that relies on the bot DTO also showed that those lands all became my own.

My 3rd instance did not do anything

You will also notice that I obtained the 2nd bot’s lands as well,

A few ticks later I was faced with the following:
visualiser bug2

My 4th bot respawned, I lost all lands that did belong to me,
In this case player 2 and 4 also had no means to claim new land,

Raising a question about the rules,

If any player loses all their territory, Does that mean they are out for good?
Or would we rather want to give the spawnpoint immunity and say that a player wins if they controe all tiles but the spawnpoints?

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Oof, this looks very strange. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We’ll see if we can reproduce this and fix it. Have you been able to reproduce this behaviour or has it only been a once off occurrence?

To answer your question, no, when a bot loses its territory it’s not out for good. It respawns in its original position and starts with a 3x3 territory.

@WillieTheron , do you have any logs for the above situation that you can share with us?

Currently not, But I can hard code it.

Is there a specific place that outputs Logs?

Yes, but it depends what dev environment you’re using. If you’re running the engine from the command line or in an IDE like Visual Studio, you can find the logs in Sproutopia\bin\Debug\net8.0\logs. If you’re running it from Docker it’s a bit more tricky as you’d have to shell into the Docker container to access the logs. We’ve added a mounted volume to the Docker run which will mount the log output to a folder on your local machine but that will only be available with the next release.