Entelect Challenge 2017

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a new year and a new challenge!

We have officially launched a new challenge for the year, this time based on the classic Battleships. As always to get started please visit the website at https://challenge.entelect.co.za and head on over to the Github Repository for instructions on building your bot.

We also have a shiny new forum, so please feel free to post any questions here. That way we can all participate in assisting each other as a community.

Lastly, we have a slightly different format this year, with multiple competitions running during the year and a game engine that will be changing and improving as well. So visit the forums frequently to find out about the latest announcements and game engine releases.

The player portal will also be launching soon with an entirely new clans feature, so be on the lookout for that!

May you have fair winds and following seas!
Hennie Brink