Entelect Challenge 2022 - Arctica

Good morning all,

I am happy to announce the opening of the Entelect Challenge 2022 - Arctica. Please stay tuned to watch the trailer dropping live at 12pm.

The new website is also live: https://challenge.entelect.co.za/

Please note that certain areas of the website are still under construction but the game is ready to be played by you all.

I will also be making the Github repo public at 12pm today, where you download the starter pack and get your fingers coding. https://github.com/EntelectChallenge/2022-Arctica/

Happy coding and may the best bot win.

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Guys, this looks awesome! Super excited for this year’s game!

Agreed! So mmmuch fun awaits

PS: I know it just launched and I hate to be that guy :/// but…

The starter-bot for .NetCore is still Galaxio’s (2021 challenge) code and the game rules still have a lot of TODOs in it haha just saying in-case its over looked but sure it will be resolved soon

But super duper excited!

Looks real fun, I agree with THKVN, there are still a lot of Galaxio references in the documents. I see all the other bots are implemented for Artica except the NETCoreBot. But like mentioned it was just released :slight_smile: Hope we get an update on this soon

HI everyone we are aware of the Galaxio references. New version will be uploaded tonight

Finally you gave me exactly what I wanted…

Resource management… I have been waiting for this.
Have no idea what to expect. But sounds awesome. Booting this up this week.

Will probably have some questions about the way rounds are processed.
Know last year i could not for the life of me keep my processing real time.

Hey there, Sidenote, It does not look like Github keys are generating as expected.

WE will look into it, what problem are you experiencing

This looks great! From what I can tell as least. Resource management over combat should be an interesting change.

I would love to read the rules but they seem to be incomplete!

Hi hope anyone can share some light on the issue I am having with pushing the .NetCore bot to the repository seems something is breaking on the docker-build and upload code

Nvm , my mistake got it working - didnt set the right access keys

im experiencing the same problem, how did you fix it?

ho did you fix it? i tried

Good evening Mmoshabe,

Did you update tbe values of your AWS keys in your file?