Entelect Challenge 2022 Visualiser - Progress


Decided to drop a bit of a visual queue here while I am building so that others can start thinking about implementation so long (as a visual queue helps a lot).

Uncertain how well my own approach would be, but it is something solong:

have not added any specific queues yet,
But red and blue is player
green is farm
brown is wood
gray is stone.

Maybe this gets a few users thinking solong.

Hopefully my visualiser is done this weekend.

Just depends on other responsibilities.
I am adding a few more elements and text labels tonight


This looks rad!!!

There is a lot more going on (more densely grouped together) than I imagined it in my mind. It might be hard to see the traveling units on this scale. Got any ideas on how to handle that?

Thanks for putting this together.

The Game state logfile does not include information about travelling units, except for the number of travelling units per user. (Unless I missed that somewhere). So it will be tricky to include in a visualiser.

Hmmm yeah good point @kuifie !

So maybe we can then just see how many units are currently active (farming, logging, mining, traveling, scouting etc)

But I’m sure @WillieTheron will have it all handled! :smiley:

As per Willie’s screen print… Ensuring a fair playing field will need some work from the Developers. I can see that the Red Player has more resources close by than Blue Player. My suggestion would be to create 1 random block and then copy/paste for each quadrant. Also remember the reward rate per resource is random so you could have a very good start or a very crappy one.

That could be a solution @kuifie , but I think using other seeds values for different resources would also work, as that would still random the entire board, but it will mean that certain players will have more resources than other players of a specific resource. And not just give all perfect amount of resources.
Then the resource layout will be kinda like Catan.

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This is part of my own issue.

My current approach is to give all resources an opacity of 0.1, Then if a player scouts an area make that region visible. Then I will add an option to select which player to focus on in a match, essentially ignoring the other player.

Just for this version. Then I want to show a small tooltip iver every land that shows how many units are active on that land. My initial plans was to just draw a line bethome and the target lands.

But as Kuifie mentioned the gamestate does not include this.
I am also uncertain if it should. (For most bots that could push the size of the gamestate up a lot. )

I noticed a few possible upgrades that would bring down logfile size a lot.

But will post about that in a different area. Make a suggestion that could bring the log size down by a few hundred MB possibly. Just uncertain how your engine would handle it.

Hey @WillieTheron, Glad to see you’ve made progress on your visualizer, this look great so far!


Hi @WillieTheron My friend made another pull request on your visualizer to update to new log format and also the traveling units.

Most of the heavylifting I will honnestly say was Seuntj1e now.

@Kortgat I just added your friend as a collaborator on the project. Its pretty much his code now anyways :grin:

I just needed that initial version to help me see whats going on.
Interesting year, I feel I have matured somewhat as a developer.

The person i was 5 years back would never really do something that would benefit others, I was way too competitive, Maybe im just more confident. Maybe too confident.

Anyways, For the first time ever im fully satisfied with my entry for an event.

Maybe its because last year I didnt make top 8. thats a scar I need to shake off.

Maybe I will do a visual update on the visualiser and add some small images. Make trees look like trees :thinking:
Will do something soon. Can probably do more in terms of showing scouted regions as well, but I sorted my scout strategy fairly early on.

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