Entelect Challenge 2023 - Closing Off

Good morning 2023 Entelect Challenge participants!

The past year was very exciting - filled with many new ventures, some challenges, and some epic triumphs :star:

We would like to once again congratulate our winners of this year:

Please don’t hestiate to contact us with any feedback from the past year - we always strive to be better!

We are already looking forward to 2024, and we hope to see you all there again! :trophy: Have a good one!


Excellent year as always,

Thank you.
Although I shorthanded my entry this year, I learned a few improved techniques on my original algorithms.

The competition was Crazy though.
Congrats to everyone.

Was really good hanging out for a bit.

Seems like the bar is raising fast. Some real monsters are coming out of hiding these last few challenges.

2024 is going to be tense, I can feel it.