Entelect Challenge Community Hackathon poll

Hello, Challengers!

As mentioned earlier this year, we are excited to announce plans for the inaugural Entelect Community Hackathon.

The Community Hackathon will be a thrilling 5-hour problem-solving competition where participants will tackle an optimization challenge using their coding skills, striving for optimal solutions, all within the allocated time.

Please note that this event will stand alone and will not be connected to the Main Challenge in any way. Before we dive into detailed planning and invest our time, we’d like to gauge the level of interest within our community.

Should we host a community hackathon?
  • Yes, and I’d like to attend in person at one of the Entelect offices.
  • Yes, and I’d prefer to attend virtually.
  • No, thank you.
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Entelect SA has offices in Melrose Arch, Centurion, Century City and Umhlanga so there are multiple options for participation.

P.S. Please note that participants from the University Hackathon will not be eligible to win the Community Hackathon. This decision is to ensure fairness and allow other participants to shine.