Entelect Challenge Finals - Suggestion

Hey Guys,

I have a strange request, Can you lock the match results of Worm-ageddon till after the finals.

Personally, If I am a finalist this year I will not view those matches so it is public.
I just feel that revealing those matches will ruin the mystique of the final event.

I would rather have all finalists go in blind, than have one compare his bot to others and just assume that he has no chance of winning (because of tactics), or everyone knowing flat out who the winner will be for the same reason.

Now I know things happen, We had years where contestants top 3 in playoffs ended 8th.
And we had years where 6th place down won.

So anything can happen, I just feel that locking the matches of the final playoffs would hold a lot of benefits (Especially considering that no contestant would be able to update their bots from that point onward)

Just my opinion, I feel it is sort of relevant to keep assumptions down. It might also encourage more people to go to the finals. Though there’s been some pretty decent turn up over the years. Really making myself sound old here…

The challenge is just something I do and something I will continue doing as long as I have the opportunity.

I have a time lapse of my whole bot building process this year, So when the competition itself ends I will push some content for the challenge. For anyone interested (Mainly to get my Channel filled a bit). The challenge does well as a cornerstone piece.

Anyways, Good luck to all, hope you all find the time to submit the changes you want to.


This sounds like a good plan actually, rather find out on the day and just announce the top 6.