Event Tonight

Hey guys,

How will the Round Robin be handled?
Will it run automatically tonight, or is it just entries that close and you will run it tomorrow.
Will we be able to follow progress on the competition somewhere or will we receive the info afterwards.

Excuse the questions, trying to figure out if I need to stay up tonight.

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I am going to submit my bot and get good night’s rest, if it is anything like last time it will play out over atleast 2 days.

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Hi @WillieTheron

We will check that all the reference matches get a chance to complete and then schedule the matches to run.

As for if you can track the progress, the website will have a updating leaderboard for the round robin that decides the remaining 6 of the top 8.

It’s nice to see people so excited.

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I see its Round Robin, I’m excited about that.

I will sleep then, Will wake tomorrow. And hopefully have good news (AKA as little deaths as possible…)

Im really excited because I managed to fix a very big A Beat B, B beat C and C beat A nightmare I was facing.

But I managed to get a balance that works. just unsure what other beasts are doing…