Exception during match execution

I am facing this error when I run the latest reference bot. All the other bots work fine, only when I choose the reference will I get this error. I am running this on Linux. Does anyone know what the problem might be, or how to sort it out?

Hi @Tapiwa I have raised this with the team and we will get back to your shortly.

Top of my head, I would suggest you double check casing in file/folder names (config file).

I just ran a quick match with the ref bot (on linux), can’t see any problem.

Hi @Tapiwa,

I checked the base starter pack and it runs there. Will you please confirm that the file structure of the ref bot mimics the base pack and that the bot.json points to the jar for the reference bot. If you renamed or got the jar from a different place the names might be out of sync causing the runner not to find it.

For example is your jar for the bot file in this location with this name (from the bot.json):

"author": "John Doe",

"email": "John.Doe@example.com",

"nickName": "CoffeeRef",

"botLocation": "./target/",

"botFileName": "java-reference-bot-jar-with-dependencies.jar",

"botLanguage": "java"


Let me know if this sorts out the problem :grinning: