Expanding the traveling units object


I was wondering about the thought of expanding the ‘travelingUnits’ field to contain more contexts about where those units are traveling to?


"travellingUnits": {
    "mining": 3,
    "food": 4,
    "lumber": 2,
    "scout": 0

The reason for is, to have more insight into where and what all of your units are doing, including who is going where on the map.

Hi @AtomicNomad, sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will add it to our backlog :blush:

I would also want to second this.

I am manually patching this and we are 2 weeks before the first event so the window for changes is pretty small.
The above would be pretty cool.

But overall the problem so far is pretty simple. So having some challenges in the codebase is something to mess with,