Finals 2021

How would the finals work this year seeing as Comic Con has been moved to next year?

Probably a virtual event

Last year we had a zoom in live stream of the playoffs on the live Comic Con.

That was pretty great.
Though I also admit live is better.

I am conflicted about this year,
I would be surprized if I am not in,
I will be surprized if I am in…

When does the tournament start?


Looks like it’s started

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Hi all!

Am I allowed to make changes to my bot for the final tournament?

Hi @Yasin, usually not

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Good Afternoon all.

The latest tournament is done and results are being verified. We will communicate the results to you.

In terms of making changes to the bot for the final tournament, that is not being allowed. The bot that was used in the latest tournament, will be used in the final tournament.

Hi @marno.vanniekerk, out of the 93 matches, which ones are considered for the tournament?

Hi @marvijo , how do you mean?

We use the latest successful submission for tournaments.

@marno.vanniekerk I have 93 matches for Supernova. Which matches are used for points?