Finals playoff structure

Hi Entelect team

How many matches will our bots play against other’s bots and will they play against all competitors?
I’m trying to figure out what the structure would be as there are 4 bots per match.

Hi Styphoiz,

It will be a round-robin style tournament. We aim to have each bot play around 52 matches to ensure fairness.

Any idea on region movements, like bots in certain regions have an advantage over bots in a different region, I am seeing this when running my bot against itself.

This is true for a your bot VS your bot scenario.

But strategy matters a lot.

For example, I have a seed where if i change the order of my building sequence around.

Just that small thing. Takes my Player 1 from last to first against itself.
That one change changed what nodes were prioritized first.

What I am saying is that seeds are rough (I have one seed where I dont have a gold node in the SE quadrent which forces a noticable delay on building speeds.).

So theres always a dynamic of that.
But theres so much strategy options that I doubt that seed will even matter much.

Because its 4v4 in the finals.
A much more likely case will be if you have 3 Hyper bots and 1 somewhat weaker one.
Then the two bots neighboring the weaker one could have a territorial advantage on a weaker / slower build.
Which is also harder because territorial expansions are capped to the actual resource limits.
BUT… Theres that last final expantion when the tier unlocks that allows us o completely fill the map that still allows a bit of grabbing.

What Im saying is,
From past tournament experiences.
Seed hardly ever played a major role in who won.

Could be different this year,
But I doubt.

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I’ve noticed scenarios such as this as well, makes for interesting times.
I must say this bot did give me the run around quite a bit for the strategy plays.
Your visualiser did help quite a bit as well, noticed stuff I wasn’t seeing in the outputs I was logging.

It helps to see behaviour,

I also noticed things,
To me thats the most fun part of the challenge itself,
Looking at your bot and asking those what if or even WHY would you do that…

Im not comfortable with my territory plays just yet. But I dont need to touch the rest at least