Flying cars and black magic

Thanks to @raezor, I have been able to visualize my logs from the tournament, but is seems that there is some magic happening…

As far as I understand, cars cannot drive through cars. I found a situation where my opponents car drove straight over mine. It must be because of my dropped suspension on maybe my opponents has a car with 4x4 capabilities.

In round 26, I am slightly in front, but my opponent is using boost while changing lane.

As far as I understand, in round 27 he is suppose to be stuck behind me but his car zooms past mine (showing me the daspoort finger) after which I never catch him again.

Is this intended? If it is, can someone please refer me to the 4x4 dealer?


This was asked about before, here:

But it was never addressed by the Entelect team.

Hi @gatkramp - as far as I understand it the “stuck behind another player” collision logic only comes into play if both players started and ended up in the same lane, which wasn’t the case for your example.

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I totally missed this section of the rules. I also thought it should not overtake

you’re right, in my case ,I got stuck, so what’s the difference?

Haha, seems the devil is in the detail. I missed that point, but I will definitely implement the logic for future revisions of my bot.

Hehehe, jip!
I actually see a potential for these 2 scenarios that could help as a strategy for winning… :sunglasses:
Just need to get the logic around it correct.

If (opponent.position.x == player.position.x-1) command.decelerate ++++++(handbrake) :rofl:

Well, I don’t know if I would call that a “winning” strategy, but I can definitely see it inducing crazy levels of road rage…

Thanks for clearing this up. We will certainly have a look at adding more detail to the rules :blush:

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