Friendly Tournaments

Hi everyone, we are excited to tell you that Friendly Tournaments will commence from 13 May 2021.

The website will be updated with all the information you need, but for now here are the rules:

  • Tournaments will run every week on a Thursday
  • All match logs will be available (TBD)
  • Games will be much larger - 20 players per match(more battle royale-esque)
  • 5 matches per player
  • Leaderboard will update in real time when the Friendly tournament commences

I hope everyone enjoys the friendlies and uses them to their advantage :wink:

#EntelectChallenge #Galaxio


Hi @floreggian_entelect

Thanks for this. That sounds interesting.

For friendlies do we have an option to remove our bot from friendly matches, should we want to?

Has the first round of friendly matches already kicked off? If so how can we see these?

The first round seemed to contain a lot of reference bots, so for some, these friendly matches are a waste of time apart from testing our own bot logic. With saying that it poses the risk of leaking any strategy or logic to those who haven’t exactly submitted their full strength bot and are really just on a recon mission.

I suppose the purpose of the friendly matches is to test so I guess it’s ultimately up to each contestant to submit what they want to.

So my last question is then would the friendly rounds take the last submitted bot in the same manner the tournament rounds do?


Hi @ccanning2

We don’t have an option to exclude yourself from tournaments.

I will confirm for you if we the first friendly tournament was run. So we are providing the tools for people to test any strategies that they want. We do take the last successful bot that was uploaded.

Regards Fabio

Okay thanks. Makes sense. Just wanted to confirm.