Friendly tournaments!

@kobus-v-schoor would you mind checking developer tools for us? if yes, check if you’re seeing a call to getCurrentYear and thereafter a call to
and this endpoint is giving you 25 matches?

no, not at all.

Just curious how big the pool is, that’s all. But if the info is more than 2 clicks away, don’t worry about :smiley:

How many matches are we supposed to see?

Yup that’s the tournament ID I’m hitting :+1: call returns this (among the other matches):

	"1": {
		"tournamentId": "d2036504-4efc-4d64-a269-a12cbc0d0d9f",
		"tournamentName": "Friendly 11 Aug",
		"submissionDeadline": 1691791200000,
		"tournamentType": "friendly",
		"tournamentStatus": "queued",
		"numberOfMatches": 8,
		"finalTotalMatches": 0,
		"finalMatchSize": 0,
		"finalTotalMatchesCompleted": 0,
		"startDate": 1691791200000,
		"prizeList": null
} returns this (first few entries):

	"0": {
		"matchDetailsId": "01f97e37-96d0-43e2-bc00-50aa621d266a",
		"finalScore": 170,
		"placement": 1,
		"seed": 0,
		"botState": "completed"
	"1": {
		"matchDetailsId": "0d9d7e2d-86c9-4ac1-ab4e-06f93e843a1f",
		"finalScore": 0,
		"placement": 0,
		"seed": 0,
		"botState": "not_failed"

@demaniak I’m seeing 25 matches on my end

@EnerJay I can send you my session cookie if impersonating me would help :cookie:

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So just one is weird, unless you get kicked out the moment you loose?

haha no worries, we think we have it figured out… offbyone errors will be the death of us


@kobus-v-schoor We’ve hopefully sorted out some filtering issues, please check again

For everyone’s benefit, the sorting wasn’t filtering out the submissions correctly so it was pulling match info for all your submissions including Tournament 1 which is the submissions you were seeing in the table.

Now, hopefully, you should have no submission under the Friendlies table since it didn’t run.

Also, another clarification, there will be a leaderboard for the friendlies. Apologies for saying otherwise.

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@Izak I’m still seeing matches under the friendlies tab :grimacing:

Also, just want to clarify, were the match results that we were seeing under the friendlies tab the results from tournament 1?

Okay, hopefully this is it. Please check again. There should be nothing under the Friendly

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Yup not seeing anything anymore :tada: Although I’m now getting a 500 error (internal server error) so not sure if the fix is working as expected :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, the 500 error is as expected. All other leaderboard and submission pages should still work correctly


@Izak was there enough participants to run a friendly match yesterday? Not yet seeing anything on my side

Apologies @kobus-v-schoor the team was so busy with the university cup that the friendly wasn’t scheduled. And with Tournament 2 coming up we’ve run out of time.

However, now that the functionality is in place we’ll be sure to run it longer next year


Will there be a leader board for this weekends friendly? Just a bit curious about how my bot performed this time around.

I also have a quick question about the matches and the match IDs. I compared my matches to 2 other players and we couldn’t find a match that shared a match ID between the 3 of us, but we did find matches that shared seeds. Are the match IDs shown on the portal unique to each player?

Lastly, regarding the seed, is the seed shown used for all 4 maps or is it the seed used for the RNG to determine the seeds for the 4 maps. How can someone go about using that seed to see what the maps for that friendly looked like?

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Morning @Seuntjie, yes there will be a leaderboard. We’ll get it out ASAP.

The Match ID on the Player Portal is your participant ID in that match. We’d rather you use the seed to try and recreate matches locally.

The seed is added to the level config seed

Thanks @Izak , I see the leaderboard is up now.

I have a quick question about the submissions and deadlines for the tournaments. What are the criteria for a submission to be used for a tournament? IE does it have to be pushed to git before the deadline, does it need to be finished building and uploaded to the portal before the deadline, does the match need finish and the status changed to success before the deadline?

Hi @Izak, I can see the leaderboard but I cannot see my bot’s matches under the friendlies tab. I get a 500 error. If I paste this link ( in the browser I get

"message": "Unauthorized"

Just want to confirm, though I have an idea of how the tournament went from the leaderboard.

Hi @ted in my experience since the first accordion is still loading when you select the 1st september friendly it does not load properly, so first wait for the error message before you click on the 1st September friendly accordion

I do see mine is also not loading anymore although the leaderboard is still up

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The api link wont work directly since it probably require headers and/or cookies that is set on the portals domain in the browser

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