Friendly tournaments!

Hello Challengers!

The Entelect Challenge team is happy to announce that

FRIENDLY TOURNAMENTS!! :partying_face::tada:

are finally here! Friendly tournaments (“Friendlies”) will be run on the:

11th of August & 18th of August

They don’t count towards any scores or points. They are provided as a tool to test your bots against other participants.

Therefore, the “Friendlies” are an opt-in feature. Here’s how you can opt-in:

  1. Sign in to the Entelect Challenge portal
  2. Open the sidebar and select “Settings”
  3. Choose the Tournaments tab on the left side
  4. Select the “Participate in friendly tournaments” checkbox

Your bot is now opted-in for “Friendlies”.

Since “Friendlies” are provided as a tool for you to improve, and not a formal tournament, you won’t be provided with the match logs or bot logs after a tournament. You will only receive the following information:
a. Your bot’s placement
b. Your bot’s score
c. The match seed
d. The match ID (if you need the Entelect Challenge team to debug a match)
e. The status of the match

Using this information, you should be able to run the matches locally and find out where your bot disobeyed orders. This information will be provided on the new “Friendlies” tab on the Submissions page

NB! The “Friendlies” require a minimum of 8 bots to be ready and opted-in in order to run the tournament.

If there are less than 8 bots ready and opted-in, the tournament will not run.


Hey EC team, super excited about the new friendlies feature :tada: Just want to confirm a few details:

  • I see the seed was fixed at 0 for today’s tournament, however in the screenshot it was varied for each match so it might be bug that popped up
  • How are the matches structured? Is it the case that everyone plays at least once against everyone else? On my side I have 24 25 matches - is there any way to gauge participation?
  • I’ve got one NOT_FAILED matched (it’s highlighted in red on my side), does that mean there was an error in my bot or something went wrong with the match?
  • (EDIT) I see the friendly match also shows up on the leaderboard but doesn’t have any results. Are the friendly results going to be published?

Thanks for this, very excited for next week’s friendly round again

Hey @kobus-v-schoor can you please elaborate where you saw these results? The friendly tournament was only scheduled to run on the 11th of August at midnight i.e. 23:59:99.999 so you shouldn’t have seen any results anywhere.

Also, please note that we did not have enough participants for last nights friendly so it wasn’t executed.

As for your other questions:

  1. We’ll look into the seed issue
  2. It’s the same as a tournament so every participant will statistically play against every other participant
  3. Refer to first question about where you saw this result
  4. No leaderboard will be published for friendlies. Only the seed value and your score and placement. You can re-run the match locally to see how your bot behaved. We don’t want it to represent a sort of tournament and we don’t want to massively advantage persons who participate in the friendlies. Therefore it should be thought of more as exercise for your bot instead of a tournament

Hopefully that covers everything?

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On my portal on the “Friendlies” tab there’s a bunch of results (first saw it on Friday morning), thought it was the official friendlies match :sweat_smile: My bot played 25 matches (according to the results). Tournament ID is d2036504-4efc-4d64-a269-a12cbc0d0d9f

Don’t know if anybody else has results?

I opted in for friendlies. I had one result when the announcement was made with a seed value of 0. I assumed this was part of a test.

Yesterday morning that was replaced by a match with a seed of 9801. Only one match, so I was wondering how you had 24.

Hope we’ll have more opting in for the 18th.

I also had 25 matches like @kobus-v-schoor on the Friendlies tab. None of them failed though but they all have a seed value of 0.
And yeah, hoping people opt in on the 18th.
Out of interest’s sake, @Izak, how many people opted in for the 11th?

I am not opted in to friendlies yet, but I also see results in the friendlies tab (looks like 25 matches).

So looks a bit like some system ran matches for everyone that has a valid entry? or maybe we’re seeing the actual tournament results instead of the friendlies.

Edit: the average score of the 25 matches on the friendlies tab is roughly equal to my score for the tournament (out by 77.2 vs 77). Seems a bit close to be a coincidence :person_shrugging:

Er… yeah, so I’m also only seeing one result?
According this I placed 3rd, with a score of 0.

The score of 0 I believe, the 3rd seems unlikely - was expecting like “last”, unless there was only like 3 bots opted in?
Which seems incorrect, since the replies here already makes it look like there were more bots?

IDK, I’m confused.

That all said - the Friendlies concept is very cool I think :slight_smile:

EDIT: just ran the match seed mentioned - I see I got stuck in a local minima after collecting 11 thingies.

Also only seeing one match now.

Still not opted in to friendlies…

I opted in for friendlies, was really excited until i heard there weren’t enough people, since you cant really gauge any tournament performance from it i thought more would join

The ID of the match under my friendlies tab keep changes as well

Might be a communications thing… I only noticed the friendlies things kinda by “accident” :woman_shrugging:

Hi all, we’ll look into this, might be a bug showing a different result under the wrong accordion.

The minimum requirement of opted-in players for a friendly is 8 peeps

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Hey @Izak , do we know what the current opt-in count is?

I can check for you @demaniak, do you really need it badly?

Are you still seeing the results under Friendlies?

I can still see 25 matches from my side under the Friendlies tab

Thanks Kobus. We’re stumped