Good day,

What functions is available to use ?
i know turn left is for example : Commands.TURN.value + self.change_lane_command(-1)

Where can i find a list of available functions to use ?
For example :
- In what lane i am in
- How many lanes is there
- Block distance
- Available boost
- Using your boost

Sorry for the noobish questions.
This is my first time attempting to do something like this

Thank you in advance

Look into the JsonMap.json file.

Normally the starter bots are created to load this file for you and you just need to add the logic. The JavaScript starter bot has everything from the JsonMap file loaded for you already.

Which language are you using?

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Thanks for the reply.

i am using python.
Where do i find the JsonMap.json file ?

What language would you recommend ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @repentance

To understand all the possible commands, you should read the game rules:

The explanation of what is in the state files can also be found on github:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hello @Renette

This is so helpful.Thank you so much.

Have a blessed day,

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