Galaxio: Round two, Fight (or flight!)

Greetings Challengers!

Round 2 has begun!
Now that tournament 1 is complete, it’s time to get cracking on the new and exciting challenges your bots will now face!

What’s New:

  • Torpedo Salvos!

    • Your bot gains a Torpedo Salvo charge every 10 ticks
    • You can consume 5 size from your bot to fire a torpedo salvo of size 10
    • Torpedoes damage everything they touch!
    • Hit your enemies, and you’ll steal the size you damage from them!
  • Superfood!

    • Superfood now spawns on the map alongside normal food.
    • Consuming superfood will increase your absorption rate of all other food you consume for a limited time

Further details can be found in the game rules

We have released a new version of the starter-pack too, available here .

If you currently are on a starter pack, please grab the latest from above - version 2021.2.0

If you have cloned the repository to use docker or just to investigate, please ensure your clone is up to date!

An update to the visualizer will follow soon to help you all with making your bots the best they can be!

Thanks, James

P.S: Please update your nicknames for your bots!



you have released the source code but no starter pack for Galaxio 2021.2.0 ?


Hi Thinus,

Apologies! We left it in draft mode , it is published now

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When I play with the new 2121.2.0 version, it looks to me like torpedoes are not moving. Both my bot and the reference bots will launch torpedoes, but none of the moved over time.

Hi @kuifie

We are aware of the issue and are hard at work on a fix. Thanks for raising it!

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if I run my bot against reference bots , sometimes it completes and sometimes it crashes without saving the log.

if I run 4 copies of reference bot, I get the following


Similarly if I run 4 copies of the Python starterBot


Am I missing something?

Hi @thinus ,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have implemented a fix and are in the process of releasing it - it will come alongside the torpedo fix

Hello @thinus and @kuifie ,

We’ve released 2021.2.1, which should fix the issues described in this thread. Please let me know if you find anything else, we’d love to have more feedback!