Game engine bug?

Has anyone seen this type of behavior, if I look at the action, it shows as sent in tick 2 but it has been delayed out to do the action in tick 32?
I’ve been testing against 25 ticks so as to tweak my configs and this happens in the Python bot.
I see the nodes don’t get populated in this test, when I increase the ticks to 50 then it eventually sends the scout out.

‘tickActionCompleted’: 34, ‘tickActionStart’: 32, ‘tickReceived’: 2, ‘actionType’: 1}

Out of pure curiosity, How far is that scouttower?

*I mean, its unlikely that a scouttower will be 32 ticks away,
But if you send the scout to a distant tower, takes 2 tics to fire, travels for 30 ticks, starts the scout process, and 2 ticks later its done, If is not completely impossible.

More details

Tick 3 looks like this, not sure if my bot is causing this by trying to scout multiple nodes.

[{‘id’: ‘923c3e47-5924-4f01-82c7-b56c7bd755f5’, ‘currentTierLevel’: 0, ‘tick’: 3, ‘map’: {‘scoutTowers’: [], ‘nodes’: []}, ‘population’: 2, ‘baseLocation’: {‘x’: 30, ‘y’: 30}, ‘pendingActions’: [], ‘actions’: [{‘targetNodeId’: ‘03b8465d-3f0c-4ce3-bb7a-815e52056e4e’, ‘numberOfUnits’: 1, ‘tickActionCompleted’: 15, ‘tickActionStart’: 13, ‘tickReceived’: 2, ‘actionType’: 1}, {‘targetNodeId’: ‘115f7f22-e861-4e14-a8ce-01a6b1a34d04’, ‘numberOfUnits’: 1, ‘tickActionCompleted’: 34, ‘tickActionStart’: 32, ‘tickReceived’: 2, ‘actionType’: 1}], ‘availableUnits’: 0, ‘seed’: 13123, ‘wood’: 0, ‘food’: 10, ‘stone’: 0, ‘heat’: 0}]

so most likely the distance to the tower is causing this.

In an earlier version of my bot I have farmed nodes which resolve between 30 and 40 ticks factoring distance, so its possible for nodes.

It is possible, Calculate the distance to the furthest scout tower and run some tests.

Its possible that the action start only registers the moment the unit reaches the node.

It could be something completely different, but even the close nodes are almost 6 or 7 tics away

Could be that your sending your scout to the other side of the world, maybe even someone elses match by the looks of things :grin:

Probably, :joy:, I decided to try and create a python bot so still fidgeting a bit.
Might just scrap it and go back to JS if I don’t come right.