Game Engine command order

Hi guys,

According to the rules here, commands are resolved in the following order:

  • move
  • dig
  • shoot

But I’ve been taking a look at the engine source code, and the order seems to actually be

  • dig
  • move
  • shoot

Is my understanding correct? If so there is an error either in the code or in the rules page.

Having fun working on my bot - thanks for organizing another great challenge :slight_smile:

Hey @japes,

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the challenge this year, and nicely spotted !

This is a known issue and the fix has been implemented.
This is available in the latest release :slight_smile:

If you are already using the latest release and the issue still exists, please let us know.

Kind Regards,


Looks like I just needed to do a pull on my checkout :slight_smile: thanks