Game Engine Questions / Potential Issues

Hi folks,

I’ve spotted a couple of things while testing that I’d like to clarify. For what it’s worth, I’m not running the game engine via Docker - I just build it and use dotnet run to start it up.

1.) If a bot jumps and lands on top of a collectible, it just kind of gets “stuck”. @kobus-v-schoor raised this elsewhere as well (Clarification on new release logic - #4 by kobus-v-schoor).

2.) My config for testing is as follows:
I’d expect the game to complete after 100 ticks. However, it just continues running indefinitely (I think this was also raised by someone else).

Are either of these things expected behaviour that I should cater for in my implementation (unlikely, I think) or are they bugs that will be addressed in a new release of the game engine before the first tournament?

P.S. Is there any chance of getting a starter pack with the runner already built and “ready to run”, like we had in the previous years? It’s not the end of the world to run and build it myself, but it would make things just a little bit easier.


I would also request:
Is there any chance of getting a starter pack with the runner already built and “ready to run”, like we have in the previous years?

I think it makes things a bit easier if a person has that quickstart.

I had a delayed start on my end.
Im starting my entry today :sweat_smile:

There are various strange behaviors when it comes to the jumping and falling states.
a Number of Issues and PRs aiming to address some of these are open on github for the team to look at.

Without looking at this in detail and testing for it I would guess this particular issue is caused due to this check while falling:
If there is anything directly below the hero it will fail this check and stay where it is in the air.
Will look more into it after hours :slight_smile:

The game running past MaxTicks is due to MaxTicks only being checked when a bot advances to a next level.
If all the bots stay on the same level the game wont ever stop.
Have a working fix for this on my end since I noticed it as well while doing some very long matches.
Will put together a PR with a fix before the weekend for the team to look at.

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Hi again everyone :slight_smile:
Please keep an eye out for the next release that will address these points you highlighted.


I haven’t seen anyone mention it before, but I’ve seen a friends bot while jumping and moving to the right that the player block would clip half way into a wall and get stuck there.

I don’t have steps to reproduce or details about the plater state, but it might be due to the same check failing. I’ll see if I can get more info if they can reproduce the issue

Right now there is a behavior where you can “cling” to walls during jumping / falling.
Not clear if this is intended or not so will have to wait for the team to comment on that (leaning towards not intended.)

Could see how you could potentially dig into a wall mid-jump, but have not seen clipping happen where the solid blocks would still be there while the player is over them. Would be curious to see the logs from a run where that happens.

Hi @WillieTheron , last year we had a starter pack due to the fact that we had three separate projects that needed to be run in order to attempt the game. This year however, we have collapsed the project into one and figured a starter pack might not be necessary however we will look into building one if time permits.

@rfnel , I believe this applies to your request too


The clinging to the wall is not intended however it is a complicated fix and will not be fixed in this release. If you find yourself in this state any command being sent will cause you to fall again. If you do end up getting stuck please do let us know, and we will try and find a way to resolve it


We will have a look and address the PR’s up on github as soon as possible.
Thank you for sending these PR’s through.