Game Logs - Map Dimensions

Hi there,

I’m looking at a game replay log and I’m somewhat confused.

Based on the engine config, the map for level 1 should have a width of 500 and height of 200. From the rules, I’d expect the same.

I’d expect that the Json array used to represent this would then be a 200 (rows) x 500 (columns) array after being parsed by my Java code. However, I get a 500 x 200 array instead. Further investigation showed that this matches the replay logs - the array in the Json log file is also 500 x 200.

Does that mean I should assume that the map is represented by number of columns (i.e. X axis) as the first array and number of rows (i.e. Y axis) would be in the 1D arrays that form each element of the 2D array, rather than rows → columns?

Hey @rfnel , the map (and window) is indexed map[x][y] (in the game logs and state updates)

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