Game Rule Changes?

Hello All;

I was working on my strategy for this year. Looking at the current game rules, I am thinking of investing on factoring/symmetry. This only works (worth investing) because one lane can’t possibly impact other lane.

But the game rule changes might render strategy useless. I’m worried about the following sentence for instance:

Missiles currently only move in a straight line toward the opposing player.

What are the chances a new game rule will enable one lane to have effect on another?


Hi Farukcank,

I will say you don’t have to worry about this mechanic changing in the first phase of the challenge.

As you might rightly suspect, we will add some interesting game mechanics after each tournament, however, so keep this in mind going forward, but again, any major changes, such as new buildings for example, will be given to you guys at the beginning of each new phase, with possibly only minor balancing tweaks in the first week or so of release.

Hope this answer your question. If anything is still unclear please feel free to ask as many questions as necessary.

Kind Regards,

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