Game Rules

Hi There

Quick question on Game Rules - I read the following in the Readme file in the Starter Bots folder.

Please ensure your starter bot follow these rules:

1. If there is a row that is under attack, and you have enough energy for a wall, build a wall at a random unoccupied location on that row.
** * A row is under attack if: there is an enemy Attack unit on the row, and NO ally Defence buildings on that row.**
1. Else if you have enough energy for the most expensive building, build a random building type at a random unoccupied location.
1. If you can’t do one of the above two, save energy until you have enough for the most expensive building.

Am I right in saying the our bots are forced to execute the above rules? ie…if there is a enemy ATTACK building in a row…and I do not have DEFENSE building…and I instruct my bot to do something else than build DEFENSE building…i break the rules?

Some clarity on this please? These rules were not in the original rules on the main website?


I don’t think you have to worry about that. It’s aimed at people contributing to the starter pack project.

The aim of this is to get all the starter-bots (in their different languages) doing the same kind of logic. You can change that however you want, you won’t be breaking any rules even by completely overhauling/removing that logic :smile:

In other words, you bot submission does NOT have conform to the above mentioned logic.