Game runner seed on portal /tournament

Can we get the seed number for matches run on the portal while we do uploads as well as on the tournament so we can better our bot?

Don’t think we will get them.
The Idea is not to build a bot to succeed in one seed. Instead it should be able to work with any seed.

Otherwise it would not be fair play.

If you want to see what seed was used when you uploaded to the portal, or used in a tournament match,
then download the match logs and look in the last round folder for the file endGameState.txt that will record the seed.
Unfortunately as @raezor explained, this will not give you any insight into the seed that will be used next.

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@kuifie Your explanation is the one I’m looking for, not looking for it up front, just wanted to see if I could better my bot on messed up matches or replay those matches to see what I could’ve done better.


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