Game winner

The game rules state that:

The goal is to be the last player with any conscious worms left.


Player scores will only be considered in the case of a tie:

* The maximum amount of rounds ( 400 ) have passed and there is more than one player left
* If both players lost their last worm in the same round

My two questions are:

  1. Does this mean that if you have more worms at the end of the match, but with less points, you still win?
  2. Does this mean that if both players have, say, 2 worms left, then the player whose worm was killed at a later stage is the winner, regardless of the scores?

Hi @jiro90

  • If only one of the players lose their last worm before round 400, that player instantly loses that match.
  • If both players lose their last worm before round 400, we consider only scores.
  • If both players have at least 1 worm left after the 400th round, we consider only scores. The player with the higher score will win.

The scoring system is designed with the intention of rewarding the player with the most worms alive, therefor we don’t have to consider how many worms are alive in the event of a tie, but only scores.